Scout Hike
Scout Camp
16th July 2015
End of Summer Term

We celebrated the end of the Summer Term and our 4th year with a BBQ at the campsite. During the evening we also pulled up 4 Beavers (Robyn, Louis, Alexa and Noah) into Cubs and 4 Cubs (Adelaide, Tessa, Aaliyah & Kasey) into Scouts. Yoan is also moving to Scouts at the start of the next term.

We have also said goodbye to William who is moving away with his family, Aiden whio is moving onto Explorers and Alanna who is leaving cubs but sadly not continuing onto Scouts. We wish you all the best for your future and will miss you!

Our Beavers, Cubs and Scouts have had a very busy term with Robyn, Alexa, Noah and Harry achieving their Chief Scout's Bronze Award and Kasey, Ethan, Adelaide, Jacob, Freddie, Alex H & Thomas R achieving their Chief Scout's Silver Award. Well done everyone!

Thanks to our Leaders, Section Assistants, Young Leaders, Occasional Helpers and also our parents for all the time you have put in over the past year!

19th - 21st June 2015
Family Camp 2015

We held our 4th Family Camp over the midsummer weekend and were treated (again!) to some fabulous food from Andy. Activities over the weekend included air rifle shooting, tree climbing, using a smoothie bike to make healthy drinks and a fantastic, traditional campfire.

Having our AGM during the Family Camp makes it a very relaxed affair and I must thank our guests District Commissioner, Eddy Hills and Keith Blake who represented the District Exec for joining us for the AGM. We have increased the parent representration on our Executive Committee which I believe shows that we have a high level of engagement with our parents and is a very healthy place to be.

As with our previous Family Camps, the climax of the weekend was an all out waterfight and I don't think I have ever been wetter! Great fun! I'm really looking forward to next year's Family Camp :)

23rd - 26th May 2015
Cub & Scout 2015

We held our 4th Family Camp over the midsummer weekend and were treated (again!) to some fabulous food from Andy. Activities over the weekend included air rifle shooting, tree climbing, using a smoothie bike to make healthy drinks and a fantastic, traditional campfire.

Having our AGM during the Family Camp makes it a very relaxed affair and I must thank our guests District Commissioner, Eddy Hills and Keith Blake who represented the District Exec for joining us for the AGM. We have increased the parent representration on our Executive Committee which I believe shows that we have a high level of engagement with our parents and is a very healthy place to be.

As with our previous Family Camps, the climax of the weekend was an all out waterfight and I don't think I have ever been wetter! Great fun! I'm really looking forward to next year's Family Camp :)

20th December 2014
Christmas Panto @ The Hawth

To really wrap up an amazing year, the Beavers and Cubs went to see Sleeping Beauty at The Hawth. This is the first time we've been to the panto together but we're sure it won't be the last, roll on next year!

16th December 2014
Group Christmas Party

Another great year ended with a fantastic Christmas party complete with Santa and presents for everyone! Great fun :)

18th - 19th October 2014
Scouts Cycle Expedition

Five of us caught the train from Crawley to Christ's Hospital and set off at 11.50am on the Downs Link, which is a disused railway line that goes from the North Downs, through the South Downs and finishes at Shoreham. Our route took us through nearby Southwater, Copsale and across the A272 to West Grinstead. On the way we had a puncture to fix. (the first of many!). At West Grinstead we visited the Roman Catholic Church there and found the grave of Hillaire Belloc, a world-famous Sussex writer. We then managed to quickly cover quite a bit of distance through Partridge Green across the River Adur and through the flood plain south west of Henfield despite having to stop for another puncture. When we reached the river again we left the Downs Link and headed through Small Dole to Hillside Scout Camp Site. Here we were met by Tim with the back-up van and our tents and sleeping gear. We set up camp for the night, cooked our dinners and had a fire.

The next morning everyone was woken up at 7am and after bacon sandwiches everything was packed away in the van again and we made ourselves ready to leave but first we had another puncture to fix! After a few miles we had another puncture but this time because of a broken valve we were unable to repair it. A quick call to Tim and the back-up van was able to take the bike and rider to the local bike shop and then to our finish point. The rest of us continued without any incident and arrived at Shoreham Fort at about 11.30am. Only then did we realise that there was another puncture to be fixed. This turned into quite a feat to fix as in all there were about 12 holes in the inner tube caused by a huge thorn. With everyone's bikes back in good condition we cycled through the town to the station and caught the train home. Unfortunately this entailed changing at both Littlehampton and Horsham and we finally arrived back at the hut at 3pm..

4th October 2014
Sussex Downsman Hike

It's billed as a test of endurance for Scouts and Guides and it certainly is. We complete in Class S which is for those under 14.5 years old, so it's for Scout teams. Taking on the challenge for 1st Crawley in this year's event were Aedan, William, Kane & Tom and we were confident that they were a strong team and up for the challenge.

The route on the day was from Bignor Hill to Devil's Dyke, a gruelling 25 miles along the South Downs with our team being hampered in the last 7 miles by increasingly heavy rain. Our team gave their best and completed the hike in 7 hours and 19 minutes, a fantastic time which gave them our highest ever position in this event - 8th out of 20 teams that started. Well done to Aedan, William, Kane & Tom and thanks to Andy, Tim and all the support team for making it possible.

2nd October 2014
1st Crawley Beavers visit Crawley Police Station

Southgate's PCSOs Steve West and Katy Aylett and Inspector Carolyn Kendall gave us an exciting tour of Crawley's Police Station. We had a full behind-the-scenes visit of the custody suite and Kaa (Mike) was locked up for a while in one of the cells. We ran away quickly and left him there but we soon relented and he was let out in time to make it to Cubs. All the Beavers agreed that the cells were very uncomfortable and that they would not like to come back and spend the night.

Thanks very much to everyone at Sussex Police for the tour.

16th - 23rd August 2014
Summer Camp 2014

Our third Summer Camp was definitely the best so far, and the most adventurous. We went to the heart of the Lake District stating at the beautiful scout camp site called Great Tower. We can only give a small taste of the exciting week here, but this and the photos should give you a good idea of the week's activities.

Read the full report and see our photographs here.

19th April 2014
1st Crawley Beaver and Cubs visit Legoland

A group of 17 Beavers, Cubs and leaders had a brilliant day at Legoland. We did the rides, we ate the picnic, it really was a perfect day.

See the full report and all the pictures here

25th January 2014
January Cub & Scout Hike

A group of 15 of us, consisting of Cubs, Scouts and leaders took a very nice 5 mile stroll through Petworth Park. We were very lucky with the weather as it had been raining the day before and had been misty in the morning but we were in warm sunshine for most of the day.

We first used the map to track down a spring in the very north of the park and we all had a small taste. It was delicious! We next visited a folly called the monument which is a 3-story tower with a castellated top. From there we took a compass bearing and headed cross country and downhill over tussocky grass where the Scouts found the remains of a pigeon that had been taken by a fox.

Live bird species seen included; a male Goosander on the lake along with some Coots, mallards and a few Egyptian Geese; a couple of Green Woodpeckers, a Cormorant, two Buzzards and a flock of Goldfinches.

The highlight though was walking slowly and quietly up close to a herd of about 150 Fallow Deer. Using binoculars we were able to look very closely at them and could see that some were white and that the stags had great big antlers. We were very careful not to scare them but eventually they all ran in a big circle around us which was really exciting.

Lunch was taken at the top of a wooded hillock in the centre of the park where we could brew up some tea and hot chocolate, survey the whole place and watch the deer. It was also a good spot for rolling downhill.

The park is full of very old sweet chestnuts and ancient oaks, many of which are hollow. Others have been left where they have fallen and they all make great climbing frames.

Ten minutes after getting back in the minibus the heaven's opened - perfect timing!

Watch our hike video here.

12th December 2013
Christmas Party!

We built on the success of last year's celebrations and our second Christmas Party was a real knockout. Santa had been specially booked this year and that really added to the fun. It was a great way to bring the Beavers, Cubs and Scouts together to celebrate the end of another year.

23rd November 2013
Cubs Apollo Adventure at the Science Museum

Eleven very excited 1st Crawley Cubs went to the Science Museum in London. First we explored the museum in pairs, using the Great Science Museam Object Hunt and then, after lunch, we enjoyed the Legend of Apollo 4D cinema show. All the cubs sat in the front row and had the full effect of the smoke effects and also had water sprayed in their faces when the command pod splashed down at the end of the film :). The high point of the day for some cubs may have been the visit to the museum shop, certainly they seemed to be laden down with spy glasses, super-bouncey balls, indoor boomerangs and plenty of other goodies. For me, the high point was the Rocket show that we went to after the Apollo film, it had explosions and a very impressive, well-tailored explanation of Newton's three laws of motion describing how rockets are launched into space. I wonder how much of this the cubs will remember?

The three sixers on the trip, Natasha, Millie and Caelan did particularly well on the day and managed to plan our route from Crawley station to the science museum and back, leading us onto the tube and all the way to the museum. All in all, it was a really great day and huge thanks go to Kaa (Mike), Rebecca, Donna, Tim, Jacq and Adam for making it possible.

31st August 2013
DIY Day at our HQ

We held another DIY day at Oak Road to get our hut ready for the new Scouting year. As always we achieved a fair amount - repainting walls, woodwork, the floor and the front doors. Harry was particularly spectacular but seemed to manage to have almost as much paint on himself as the door at one stage :). We also tidied the grounds and managed to do a few other necessary maintenance tasks. Thanks to everyone for your support!

3rd - 11th August 2013
Scout Troop Summer Camp 2013

Ten 1st Crawley Scouts and a couple of leaders invaded the peace of the well-hidden 'Spur Campsite', Slindon near Arundel for 9 days of camping and exploring. The tiny campsite lies in the centre of the huge Dale Estate which is to be found several miles west of Arundel. The Spur and its allocated woods is run by Bognor District Scout group and has room for only one troop to camp at a time. The Scouts were there to have fun and to learn how to take care of themselves, how to feed themselves and how to cope with living outdoors. Read the full report and see our photographs here.

27th July 2013
Bag Packing at Sainsburys

A massive thank you to Sainsbury's for allowing the troop to fundraise at extremely short notice. We had arrange tobag pack at another well-known store but sadly they cancelled on us at the last minute, literally! Thinking on our feet very quickly, we asked around and Sainsbury's were very quick to offer us the opportunity which we grasped with both hands. The Scouts did exceptionally well and ended up being rewarded by donations totalling £662.75! A fantastic result which will go towards the cost of the troop summer camp.

Well done to the troop and a huge, huge thank you to Sainsbury's!

20th July 2013
Kayaking at Tilgate Lake

On a hot summer's Saturday, the scouts took to Tigate lake for their latest kayaking adventure. Our kayaking skills are definitely on the increase although one or two of us are still zig-zagging more than perhaps they would like :).

Kayaking is one of the activities that we promised to introduce in 2013, and we've certainly kept our promise!

Through sheer good fortune, we've acquired 10 kayaks of our own and we are now looking to train some leaders so that we can offer this activity much more easily.

Read the full report and see our photographs here.

5th July 2013
Beavers gain their Chief Scout Bronze Awards

Freddie B & Freddie C were presented with their Chief Scout's Bronze Award at the Crawley District presentation evening. Thomas and Aatish have achieved their Chief Scout's Silver Award also. Congratulations to all four, it's really well deserved!

28th - 30th June 2013
Family Camp 2013

Our AGM was followed by our 2nd Family Camp which was a huge success. The plan is to make this an annual event, it certainly was triumph which was aided and abetted by the British Summer which decided to arrive in time for the camp.

Activities included archery, shooting, tree climbing, scarecrow making, horseshoe pitching, bouldering kept everyone as busy as they wanted to be whilst in the kitchen we enjoyed a sumptuous menu with the added delight of the cooking being very fairly shared.

Read our full report and see our photographs here.

26th June 2013
1st Crawley presented with Cornwell Shield

Crawley District Scouts presented 1st Crawley Scouts with the Cornwell Shield for the outstanding progress we have made as a group. The award recognises the huge gains we have made and really belongs to everyone in the group for their contributions - it's a real team effort :).

21st - 22nd June 2013
Troop Bivvy Camp

Taking advantage of the Summer Solstice, the troop took to Stanfords for a survival camp. Sleeping in bivouacs with backwoods cooking is something that they don't do every weekend, but the scouts rose to the challenge magnificantly. The numbers were down sadly due to or Family Camp on the following weekend and this is something that we will address in 2014.

Thanks to Andy for another great weekend camping!

7th - 9th June 2013
Absolutely fantastic Cub Camp 2013

Our 1st Cub Camp was a great success. 13 Cubs were joined by 3 Scouts and a stray Beaver at Parkwood Scout Campsite near Brighton. It really was a traditional camp under canvas and we enjoyed fantastic weather which really helped. Saturday saw a 8 mile circular hike for the Scouts with the Cubs joining at the top of Devil's Dyke rather than struggling up the hill. However they all still managed to hike the 5 miles back to the campsite as did our intrepid Beaver.

Read the full report and see our photographs here.

4th May 2013
Crawley District Scouts Mayorathon

What a fantastic turnout! 1st Crawley as a group really excelled at the Mayorathon on a slightly damp Saturday at Tilgate Park, with 24 walkers, we weren't the most represented, but giving our size, we had the highest % turnout of all Crawley Scout Groups. We achieved everything that we intended to, we have raised some extra funds for the coffers, we've supported Crawley District Scouts who've helped us so much in the past two years and we were there with tea and squash for those undertaking the Mayorathon walk - overall 1st Crawley have shown a strong, professional presence and we've had some fun at the same time.

Special thanks go to Peet for the very buzzy buzzer, and Andy and Tim for running the base without ear defenders. Thanks also to Tim for fetching and carrying in his land rover & trailer, and to Alice, Heather, Mike and Karen for their help on the stand. More thanks to Karen for arranging the loan of the tent from Horsham Air Cadets, it definitely made the difference to us on the day. To everyone, your help is really appreciated.

Thank you to all the Beavers, Cubs and Scouts who took part, and to their parents and families for supporting them. I'm amazed how many of the parents walked as far as the children - you should have had been sponsored too!

27th April 2013
April Scout Hike

The latest in our (almost) monthly hikes was a ten-mile circular hike starting and finishing at Berwick Station. Read more here.

21st April 2013
St George's Day Parade in Queen's Square

It was really pleasing to see such a good turnout from the Beavers, Cubs and Scouts for our second appearence at the Crawley District St. George's Day Parade. This annual event shows that Scouting in Crawley is very much alive and well and it's only right that 1st Crawley are properly represented. Read more and see our pictures here.

15th - 17th March 2013
Lovely weather for ducks at Stanford's

Well done to everyone who came to the Slash & Burn camp and survived! Wotta lotta water! By the end I think we had all had enough of the persistent downpouring, especially as it had stopped some of the weekend's fun and games but there's always that chance with a camp in March and it is the best time to do this essential maintenance at the campsite. Those Scouts who didn't already have their Outdoors Challenge have now well and truly earned it.

The good news is that all cases of trench foot soon cleared up!

28th February 2013
Beavers gain their Chief Scout's Bronze Awards

Two of our Beavers, Adelaide & Zachary were presented with their Bronze Chief Scouts Award. Well done to both of you!

23rd February 2013
February troop hike

5 Scouts, 3 leaders met at the hut for a kit inspection prior to the hike which was very useful as it highlighted some pack and boot issues. It was also a good opportunity for some extra training handing out equipment and explaining the perils of walking near cliffs.

On the train the snow fell all the way to Eastbourne (known as the 'sunshine town') where incredibly the sun came out! The temperature was still very low, with a light breeze but most importantly visibility was pretty good.

The first section of the hike is a nice stroll along the beach front followed by a slight hill up to the start of the South Downs Way. The amount of complaining we got from that small rise from the coast I thought we were going to be in for a dreadful day, especially as the next challenge was the infamous Beachy Head climb.

Read more here.

16th February 2013
Operation HQ - Crawley District Scouts Incident Hike

2 Scout teams from 1st Crawley took part in Crawley Scout District "Operation HQ" incident hike. Our leading team finished 4th with a very credible time of 4 hours 2 minutes, sadly our second team hadn't properly recorded their attendance at all their bases. Even so, this was our best result so far and the teams can be proud of their achievements - looking forward to more improvements next year!

26th January 2013
January Cub & Scout Hike

7 Scouts, 2 Cubs and 4 adults jumped in the minibus for today's 6 mile 'expotition' out to Ashdown Forest and the home of Winnie the Pooh. The forest consists of heath land - peaty soil covered in Gorse, Ling and Heather, or small clumps of woodland and is a very different type of habitat to the South Downs, where the Scouts have hiked up until now.

Read the full report and see our photographs here.

15th December 2012
Our first Christmas Party!

Our first Christmas Party was an absolute fantastic success. We had all the usual party games, the only thing missing was Santa himself - we'll have to try and book him for next year!

8th December 2012
December troop hike

Another fantastic hike along the Downs and through the huge muddy marsh known as Amberley Wildbrooks.

Chantry Hill car park sits right up on the South Downs above Storrington and right from the off we had beautiful blue skies with only small cirrus clouds above us. Past Kithurst Hill and Rackham Hill, seeing Yellowhammer and Buzzard on the way, before a well-earned lunch at Amberley church.

The next stage for the intrepid hikers was through the ridiculously muddy wildbrooks, which everyone really enjoyed. Some people managed to get their feet completely soaked but they didn't seem to care too much. Splashing through the puddles and mud was great fun.

In the wildbrooks we saw hundreds of Fallow Deer as well as Lapwing, Wren, Kestrel, Robin, Blackbird, Pigeon, Jackdaw, Wigeon and Mallard. At Quell Farm we saw two Donkeys and Jamie found a Rabbit skull.

Finally we made it to Greatham Bridge for a well deserved cuppa after which we set off for a short stroll across Coldwaltham Brooks hoping to see a Barn Owl. We didn't have long to wait as one came out of the bushes ahead of us, crossed the brooks and then disappeared into the reed beds. We walked on a bit further as the sun set behind the hills and then we retraced our steps. The Barn Owl appeared once again to give us all another good view of it hunting before it once again evaporated into the darkness.

1st December 2012
Crawley Beavers Christmas Party

1st Crawley Beavers joined 100 other Beavers from around Crawley for the Beavers Christmas Event organised by Crawley District Scouts. With a fantastic range of christmas handicrafts to try before lunch, the Beavers were having great fun.

After a lovely lunch, the fun reached a new level with the arrival of Father Christmas! After each Beaver having their own chat with Father Christmas and obviously all of them are on his 'Good' list as they each received a goodie bag from him! After waving goodbye to Father Christmas, we all made christingles and went into St.Paul's Chuch for the annual christingle service.

A great fun event for all the Beavers and something that we will hope to do again next year. Thank you to Helen, Tracy and all the young leaders and other leaders for putting on such a fabulous event.

17th November 2012
November Scout Hike

4 Scouts and 4 leaders met at a misty, slightly drizzly Crawley Station and it seemed that John and I were the only ones amongst us who didn't think it was going to rain all day. Two changes on the train later and we made it to our start point of Lewes town without incident or delay. It had also stopped raining.

We set off from Lewes Station at 10am and our first place of interest was the local tip! That was good but next to it we found the River Ouse which was far better, so we followed that a couple of miles downstream as the tide made its way in. On the river and along the flood plains on both banks we saw Grey Heron, Yellowhammer, Mute Swan, White-fronted Geese, Kestrel and Redshank.

We went past the village of Rodmell, a great place for birdwatching and the place where the famous writer Virginia Woolf used to live. Then we continued down to Southease, where she sadly walked into the river with her pockets full of stones.

A small detour to the church at Southease, a 10th Century stunner with a circular tower, provided an excellent place for exploration and a midday snack and also a tap for the replenishment of our water bottles.

From there it was back to the river, over the newly-restored swing bridge, over the railway line and up steeply onto the South Downs. Onto Itford Hill with all of its fungi and cattle and all the way up to the OS point at Beddingham Hill (190m) where the sweaty Scout section were all happy to see the path suddenly fall headlong-down all the way to the A27 and the village of Glynde. On the way over we had seen Buzzard, Jackdaw, Magpie, Skylark, Rook, Carrion Crow, Dunnock, Robin, Redwing and the remains of a Goldfinch (a possible fox snack). We'd also seen a White-tailed Bumblebee, Teasel, Yellow Fieldcap and Candlesnuff Fungus.

After making our way through Glynde village we soon had the last section of the hike looming before us: the dreaded climb up onto Mount Caburn.

Some amongst us (none of the scouts) were up against 'the wall' on this ascent but the sudden descent, which coincided with the dropping of the sun, revived everyone and the sparkling lights of Lewes urged them on too. Along the cliff by the golf clubhouse we had bats hunting around our heads as darkness finally fell.

Arriving back at busy Lewes at 5pm we found that there was a train home leaving in 20 minutes. Time enough to finish off our tea and break out the emergency chocolate bars!

Although the weather forecast had been truly dismal, we found as usual that it didn't matter whatsoever. We had about 3 drops of rain land on us all day, we all remained very warm and we had great views at all times.

We had hoped to see some more species of birds and certainly the weather recently would have stopped a lot of bird movement, but our hikes in December and January will certainly have more chance of delivering Deer and Foxes as well as winter visitors such as Fieldfare Short-eared Owl and Hen Harrier.

27th October 2012
Halloween fun!

Fancy dress, carved pumpkins and fabulous party games such as apple bobbing, eating doughnuts on strings, getting sweets from bowls of flour, wrapping mummies... it all added up to a fantastic Halloween party for 1st Crawley Beavers, Cubs, Scouts their families and their friends.

It was a great family event, just what we wanted and seemed to be enjoyed by everyone there.

Thanks to Maria & Heather for the food & drink and general organising and to Peet for the music. You were all stellar!

20th October 2012
Bag-packing at M&S

Nine Scouts, one Cub and three leaders descended on Marks and Spencer in Crawley for another bout of fund-raising via bag packing. Our hope was that we would make somewhere approaching the figure we made in April and that we could use that money for the Scout Group's yearly expenses.

We put up posters outside the shop and adverts in the local papers and online and they all seemed to work too. Customers came in saying they had seen the adverts and wanted to help. Everyone was very interested in learning about what the Scout and Cubs do and many people said that they had been members when they were younger.

For 2½ hours they helped everyone to pack their shopping and collected money in buckets. The queues of people at the checkouts never seemed to end but everyone coming through seemed pleased with the help they were being given. There were lots of smiles and nice comments and even donations of sweets for the workers.

At lunch time the tired labourers went upstairs into the staff canteen and ate doughnuts and hot chocolate and that gave them the energy they all needed to get through the afternoon shift.

For another 3 hours they all worked very hard, chatting to customers, packing bags, handing out free magazines, meeting & greeting and generally helping out and by the time we finished at 4 o'clock everyone was beginning to feel tired and pretty cold too. They didn't seem to care though, they were only concerned with making as much money as they could for our Group.

Later on, after counting the huge mountain of change we had been given, we discovered that we'd just missed our target but we had raised a massive total of £826.74!

Once again the young people at 1st Crawley have shown what they are made of and come to the rescue of their own scout group. They've also shown to the people of Crawley that they are helpful, polite and hard-working - not a bad result all round.

Our deepest thanks to Marks & Spencer for giving us the opportunity and for being so supportive. Well done everyone!

6th October 2012
Crawley Cubs Conker Competition - now that's alliteration :)

1st Crawley Cubs took part in the District Conker Competition in Queens Square. The event was held in conjuction with Crawley District Scouts Awareness and Recruitment which was also in the square. Seeing the cubs having a great time playing conkers and on the climbing wall that was part of the event raised a lot of interest and we're sure to get some new members as a result. Sadly, we didn't win the conker competiton but well done to Sam and Mick for helping with the organising of the event.

See the Crawley Observer for some more information, although you can never believe what you read in the paper - we really didn't win the competition despite reports to the contrary :-)

6th October 2012
Our first attempt at The Sussex Downsman

On Saturday 6th October 1st Crawley made its first appearance at the biggest and most infamous Scout hiking competition in Sussex "The Sussex Downsman Hike" which has been running since 1967.
We managed to put in three teams for our first try at this day of speed hikes with classes that range in length from 15 to 80 miles.

Although the preceding night was very wet, the rain stopped just before the start, leaving behind mist that broke up to reveal a sunny day with a slight chill in the air. Perfect hiking conditions in fact.

Team A started at 8.20am from Bignor Hill and attempted the 25 mile race (Class S). However, as they were only a three-man team they were obliged to walk the whole way together, as opposed to the norm, which is to have 4 to a team with one team member resting at all times and everyone in the team walking 19 miles. Our guys had very little rest and managed to cover 17 miles together, without any leaders. They finally pulled out at Steyning Bowl.

In attempting this race Team A were up against teams of their own age who know the route well and have done it all before. They are experienced and confident and are trying to beat their own personal records every time. In comparison our team were taking on the complete unknown and personally I am very pleased with their first brave attempt. They have broken the ice for 1st Crawley and will always be remembered as our first team to have a go.

Team B and Team C (made up of adults) set off at midday from Steyning Bowl and both teams hiked the shorter 15 mile 'Downsman Open' together. Unfortunately, after about 10 miles our new leader Donna got a very painful muscle strain and had stop at Saddlescombe. This was the first hike she had been on for a long time and despite the injury she did extremely well, showing true grit and giving the boys lots of help and encouragement.

Being pushed by the adult leaders the whole way worked well and Team B managed a very fair 5.5 hours to cover the 15 miles and could quite possibly have done it a lot faster!

Our service crew consisted of the very capable Tim in the minibus and a fantastic job he did too, flying about all over the Downs doing the work of 2 crews all by himself. He covered over 170 miles during the day.

Despite a few small teething problems, from which we have all learned a lot, 1st Crawley has been seen at this important hiking event for the very first time... ever! That alone made the whole exercise worthwhile but come the 2013 event I expect us to be far better prepared and much more competitive and in the future I hope we will enter more of the classes and give the other teams a good run for their money.

20th September 2012
Olympic torch visit to our Beavers

1st Crawley Beavers and Cubs had a real opportunity to see a real olympic torch. Adam, one of our parents, was a runner in the torch relay and brought his torch in for the Beaver and Cubs to see. Adam chatted with the colony & the pack about his experience and everyone was very keen to hold the torch. Thanks Adam!

19th August 2012
A DIY day ay Oak Road

We held a DIY day at Oak Road and achieved a fair amount repainting walls and woodwork and clearing rubbish. There's still some more to do so we will hold another DIY day before too long. We also had our resident bees re-homed by Neil from Central Sussex Beekeepers . Neil was a 1st Crawley Scouts from the 1970s - it's always a pleasure to meet former members of the group and to share some fond memories.

28th July - 4th August 2012
Our first troop summer camp

1st Crawley Scouts definitely march on their stomachs! Spag bol, chilli con carne, beef stew, chicken Korma and sweet and sour chicken were just a few of the items on the menu. We also gutted fish and cooked them in foil over a fire, spit roasted chicken legs, made chicken and pineapple on skewers and they even managed to make a passable mug of tea!

On Sunday we all walked from the campsite to the top of Devil's Dyke and back (4 miles), Monday we hiked from Newtimber to Offham (10 miles) and on Tuesday night we drove to the top of devils' Dyke and walked around in the fog. Wednesday was firelighting and backwoods cooking at the campsite and Thursday we hiked from Washington over Chanctonbury Ring and across to Cissbury Ring (7 miles). On the two longer hikes we had minibus back-up which supplied hot sausage and bacon sandwiches at lunchtime. On Friday it was a visit to the beach at Worthing for a barbecue where as well as burgers and sausages, salad etc we also had salmon fillets in foil with dill and lemon and ice creams for afters.

Over the week all Scouts fetched water and did many other camp chores, played wide games in the dark, did an assault course and backwoods cooking, built bivouacs, made catapults, bows and arrows and spears and learned to use knives safely for carving, whittling and gadget making. We also had 'quiet time' for reading, drawing and writing and over meals we discussed the Olympics, the environment, wildlife, science, history, Scouting and world issues. We also attempted to make them understand that tidiness and cleanliness were the keys to good camping but on these two topics we may well have met our match! Overall though they all performed and coped very well with the heavy schedule demanded of them. They also had a lot of good fun and free time while they were doing it and in the process they have all become a little bit more independent and confident, which are by far the most important things.

22nd - 24th June 2012
Beaver, Cub and Scout Family Camp at Stanford's

Our AGM was followed by our first Family Camp at Stanfords Campsite. Maybe it was the draw of a hogroast, but the AGM was very well attended and it was really good to have so much parental support. Although we had some rain overnight it failed to dampen our enthusiasm and the camp was to be enjoyed by everyone.

16th - 17th June 2012
June Scout Hike

Troop Hike #7. Seven Scouts and three leaders took part in this very challenging weekend hike and camp in the South Downs near Eastbourne. This event would also make up the rest of the requirements for their Expedition Challenge badge. It also practices the skills needed to gain the coveted Hiker Badge, for which the Scouts still need further training. We camped overnight at Foxhole campsite, Exceat and all the scouts completed both days of the hike, totally 19 miles.

19th - 20th May

May Troop Hike

Troop Hike #6 Billingshurst to Pulborough (11 miles). The hike followed the WeySouth Path for much of the route. Plenty of navigation practice for the troop in preparation for their Expedition Challenge in June. The hike was followed by an overnight camp at our Scout Hut – another first for the troop.

18th - 20th May

1st Crawley Cubs at the County Cub Camp

County Cub Camp – Pirates of Cub Island. We joined with cubs from 2nd and 7th Crawley to form Crawley Cub Mix and everyone had a great time. Activities included crafts, games, riffle shooting, zorbing, straw caving, inflatables, archery, climbing walls and loads more.

28th April 2012
M&S Bag-packing success!

With a 100% turnout, the Scout Troop raised £863 in 4 hours packing bags for Marks & Spencer in Crawley. After a nervous start they all soon got into the work and many totally revelled in it, surprising us and themselves alike. Virtually every customer put something in the buckets and we also had Scouts collecting on both entrances who were welcoming everyone into the shop.

We had many, many wonderful compliments from customers and also from shop workers who all really enjoyed being assisted, entertained, spoken to politely and by being saluted by such well mannered and well turned out young people.

Many thanks to Marks & Spencer for their support. The money will be used to support the Scout Troop activities, including our 1st Summer Camp and to buy some much needed equipment. We also had a nice article in the Crawley Observer which hopefully helps promote Scouting locally.

22nd April 2012
St George's Day Parade - April 2012

St George's Day Parade. We had a good turnout from Beavers, Cubs and Scouts for the Crawley District St George's Day Parade. The weather held off until the final moments after dismissal when hailstones sent everyone heading for cover. Thanks to everyone for a great turnout.

21st April 2012
April Scout Hike

Troop Hike #5. Thorney Island - 9 miles around MOD land in Chichester Harbour. Lots of rain, sun and a rainbow too.

17th March 2012
March Scout Hike

Troop Hike #4. Amberley - Rackham - The Burgh - Wepham Down - Wepham Woods - Burpham - North Stoke - Amberley. 11 miles. Some early rain finally gave way to better weather and we saw Peregrine, Buzzard and Red Kite. After a brew up in Burpham churchyard we descended the "Steps of Insanity" and just missed the train home. Had to wait 40 minutes for the next one. Doh!

7th March 2012
Stargazing at Ardingly College

The Scout troop visited the Observatory at Ardingly College using their telescopes to see the moon, Mars, Jupiter, Venus and nebulae in perfect viewing weather.

3rd March 2012
1st Crawey in the Horsham Scouts Mad March Night Hike

Horsham Scouts kindly allowed us to enter their Mad March Hare Night Hike. 6 Scouts made up our team for this night time incident hike and they came 9th out of 19 teams. Actually beating one of the Explorer teams.

18th February 2012
Operation HQ - our first attempt!

Operation HQ. 1st Crawley's team consisted of 3 Scouts who entered this incident hike that visited 6 Scout huts in Crawley. Despite the bad weather they came 5th out of 16 teams. Well done!

14th January 2012
January Scout Hike

Troop Hike #3. Eastbourne to Exceat via Beachy Head and the Seven Sisters. 11 miles. Very cold but an excellent hike with Andy being invested as a Scout Leader on Beachy Head.

4th December 2011
Horsham Scouts Two Rings Incident Hike

For their third hike, the Scouts took part in the Annual 2 Rings Hike organised by the Horsham Scout Districts as two guest teams. The event involves navigating a 9 mile course and completing activities at 4 bases along the route. The behaviour of the Scouts was fantastic throughout and the benefit of the two earlier hikes was obvious. The activities were quite challenging for our still-new Scouts but they got very credible scores at all the bases and finished 9th and 10th, with the Swift Patrol taking the honours of being the highest placed 1st Crawley team. Click here to see another fun 'Woggleflick' or click on the images to see the photo gallery.

19th November 2011
November Scout Hike

The second of our monthly hikes took us from Pulborough to Amberley, nearly 12 miles. Along the route we stopped in the Pulborough RSPB Reserve and were treated to a fine display by a Peregrine Falcon as well as seeing plenty of other species. We also had plenty of aching legs and tired feet at the end but it was a real pleasure to walk along with a group of Scouts who were ; involved, observant, interested, buoyant and happy from start to finish. Looking forward to the next hike :-)!

17th November 2011
Fundraising for Children in Need

The Beavers showed their spots and raised £41.88 for Children in Need. The evening had a pyjama-party theme, cakes were decorated and sold to raise money for a great cause. Well done to Bubbles for getting this organised

12th November 2011
Our Official Opening - at last!

The Official Opening of both the refurbished Oak Road Headquarters and of the reformed 1st Crawley Scout Group was a great success. The opening was performed by The worshipful, The Mayor, Councillor Carol Eade also in attendance was ex-Scout Henry Smith MP. After the formal opening, the group was generously presented with a new Union Flag by Crawley Scout District Chairman Keith Blake. The Beavers, Cubs and Scouts from 1st Crawley were there in force and were a real credit to the Group. Read more here.

21st - 23rd October 2011
Our 1st Scout Camp - lots of new things going on!

An amazing 1st camp for the troop. We had 7 Scouts camping, activities included archery, wide games, backwoods cooking and simply climbing the fantastic old Stanford's Yew. To top it all, Kevin (1st Northgate) turned up with a brace of pheasant and a brace of wood pigeon so the troop got a taste test fit for a king. The Scouts had a great time and everyone stayed to help put all the camping equipment at the end of the weekend which was really appreciated!

8th October 2011
Our very first troop hike :)

The scouts that make up the new 1st Crawley troop are themselves very new to scouting but that didn't stop a 100% turn out on a sunny Sunday morning for an 8 mile hike from Amberley, up and over the South Downs to Arundel and then back to Amberley along the River Arun. Along the way the scouts learnt about the hedgerow berries and plants, they saw a Sparrowhawk dog-fighting with a crow and nine buzzards soaring over Arundel Park.

8th October 2011
Conker Competition fun!

Two cubs from 1st Crawley joined in the fun at the Crawley District Cubs Conker Competition. They both had a fantastic day and Millie made it through to the quarter-finals – perhaps it was the practising at the previous pack meeting? Both had fun playing against Crawley's Mayor, Councillor Carol Eade – No, I won't tell you who won!

28th September 2011
We're up & running

Feedback from the first Scout Meeting... the energy the kids have would make enough electricity to power Crawley for a year! Two hours went in a manner of seconds and our camp fire gave us the smell of forest and thoughts of our future plans.

22nd September 2011
The amazing guys at ARINC make a world of difference

The ARINC volunteer day at the HQ was a fantastic success. The team of 80 guys and girls from ARINC threw themselves into the task and completely transformed the Oak Road headquarters in readiness for the first meetings of 1st Crawley Beavers, Cubs and Scouts. Thank-you for your help ARINC!

10th - 11th September 2011
Getting ready to launch...

The Enrolment Weekend was a huge success, we recruited 30 new members into the new Group which will allow us to open a Beaver Colony, Cub Pack and Scout Troop. We need to thank Eddy Hills, DC of Crawley District and the leadership team from 1st Northgate for their fantastic help. We had a nice mention in The Crawley News - click here to view it.

6th September 2011
Our great plans make the news

Article about the refurbishment of the hut and the reformation of the 1st Crawley Scout Group - click here for the article.

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