Hiking - One of the best ways for Scouts to find out all about the beautiful county of Sussex, its history, its wildlife, its changing seasons and weather is to explore it on foot, so 1st Crawley have monthly hikes throughout the year on the third Saturday of the month.
The Scouts will find out all about their local surroundings and how to survive and navigate them, at the same time they will be gaining; self-confidence, observational skills, physical strength and stamina. These skills will enable them to take on more challenging and life-changing expeditions throughout the British Isles and beyond. The hikes and expeditions will also give valuable opportunities for Scouts to earn activity and challenge badges and work towards the Chief Scout Gold Award and the Duke of Edinburgh Award.

Navigation - To be able to explore the world a Scout needs to be able to navigate using a map and compass and at 1st Crawley we aim to teach everyone how to do this.

Camping - The Scouts will have the opportunity to camp each term, either at our local campsite at Pease Pottage or anywhere in the UK. Our last expedition was to the Lake District. As well as being great fun, camping helps our Scouts to learn how to take care of themselves in the great outdoors.

Archery & Target Shooting - Crawley District Scouts have some excellent archery and shooting equipment and we've already had a few sessions with the Scouts becoming more proficient each time. We plan on training everyone up to be marksmen. In the hut we've had a pea-shooting competition and on summer camp we even made catapults!

Cooking - Scouts will develop their cooking skills using gas stoves and spirit burners, but especially by lighting fires and doing 'backwoods cooking'. They will need these skills to take care of themselves on camps, hikes and expeditions and it will also mean they can take over all the barbeque duties in the summer!

Leaders - We are lucky to have a great team of uniformed leaders at 1st Crawley but we are always looking for more people to get involved. If you want to come and help then please get in contact.

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Scouts is open to both boys and girls aged 10 to 14½. There is a strong emphasis on learning how to do really cool things while having lots of fun at the same time The leaders at 1st Crawley Scout Troop are committed to doing this by getting out in the fantastic
Basic Equipment Needs
There are a few things that the Scouts will need to make their lives a bit easier during the coming summer months.
If we are away from the HQ then please make sure you bring the following:
Sussex countryside as much as possible: hiking, camping and exploring.
At our weekly meetings we play games and sports, learn Scout skills and work towards Activity Badges and the Chief Scout Gold Award.
• A 25 litre daysack
• A working torch
• Waterproof coat & overtrousers
• Strong shoes, e.g. hike boots NOT trainers
• A woollen hat and a baseball cap.
• A watch
• A full water bottle (1 litre)
• A packed lunch
See here for a full kit list for our hikes.
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