June 2013 - Cub Camp
Our 1st Cub Camp was a great success. 13 Cubs were joined by 3 Scouts and a stray Beaver at Parkwood Scout Campsite near Brighton. It really was a traditional camp under canvas and we enjoyed fantastic weather which really helped. Saturday saw a 8 mile circular hike for the Scouts with the Cubs joining at the top of Devil's Dyke rather than struggling up the hill. However they all still managed to hike the 5 miles back to the campsite as did our intrepid Beaver.

A full English breakfast is always a must when camping and the evening meal was a fantastic backwoods recipe, chicken with peppers cooked in foil on the embers. A real succulent delight, handmade by all the cubs. Fab!

There's only two questions after such a great camp. When's the next one? Is 2 nights enough or should we camp for longer? To find out the answers, only time will tell.