Jan'12 - Hike #3
Eastbourne - Birling Gap - Seven Sisters - Exceat
11 miles

This was 1st Crawley's third troop hike and the coldest so far. When we got up it was minus 6 and it didn't get far above freezing all day. That didn't appear to bother the small group of Scouts though as they were climbing some of the steepest hills they've had to do so far. The exertion and hot soup and tea kept them all warm and toasty and once again they didn't even seem tired at the end. Maybe I'll have to make the walks even longer!

Along the way we were able to teach them about; navigation, the Countryside Code, the geology of the cliffs, the history of the area, coastal erosion and the wildlife - all of which they found fascinating.

Looking after a troop even this small along high cliffs takes a lot of concentration so there wasn't much scope for bird watching, although we did have a quick glimpse of a Peregrine. I must have answered about 3,000 of their questions during the day, so it's safe to assume they were alert and very interested.

No injuries and not a single blister means that they are starting to get used to hiking and they're even starting to get their heads around navigation, which is quite an accomplishment for a group with an average age of 11. Hopefully next time the whole troop will be able to make it, which will make the adventure even better. During the hike we had a small ceremony to perform on top of Beachy Head - Andy's investiture as a Scout Leader! So now his commitment to the Scout movement & 1st Crawley is official - a very happy and memorable moment for everyone.