August 2012 - Summer Camp
1st Crawley Scouts definitely march on their stomachs! Spag bol, chilli con carne, beef stew, chicken Korma and sweet and sour chicken were just a few of the items on the menu. We also gutted fish and cooked them in foil over a fire, spit roasted chicken legs, made chicken and pineapple on skewers and they even managed to make a passable mug of tea!

On Sunday we all walked from the campsite to the top of Devil's Dyke and back (4 miles), Monday we hiked from Newtimber to Offham (10 miles) and on Tuesday night we drove to the top of devils' Dyke and walked around in the fog. Wednesday was firelighting and backwoods cooking at the campsite and Thursday we hiked from Washington over Chanctonbury Ring and across to Cissbury Ring (7 miles). On the two longer hikes we had minibus back-up which supplied hot sausage and bacon sandwiches at lunchtime. On Friday it was a visit to the beach at Worthing for a barbecue where as well as burgers and sausages, salad etc we also had salmon fillets in foil with dill and lemon and ice creams for afters.

Over the week all Scouts fetched water and did many other camp chores, played wide games in the dark, did an assault course and backwoods cooking, built bivouacs, made catapults, bows and arrows and spears and learned to use knives safely for carving, whittling and gadget making. We also had 'quiet time' for reading, drawing and writing and over meals we discussed the Olympics, the environment, wildlife, science, history, Scouting and world issues. We also attempted to make them understand that tidiness and cleanliness were the keys to good camping but on these two topics we may well have met our match! Overall though they all performed and coped very well with the heavy schedule demanded of them. They also had a lot of good fun and free time while they were doing it and in the process they have all become a little bit more independent and confident, which are by far the most important things.